The payroll approval view is available to users with the Manage Clinic permission.

Having this permission will expose a running view of the current payroll period and the link in the header (Administration > admin reports >payroll reports >payroll approval)

Each user has a row in the report showing their total effort hours for each day as well as an OT row highlighting any efforts beyond 40 hours. On the dashboard this OT row is time aware and would show numbers if the user goes beyond the baseline expected 8hrs average per day (e.g. if someone had 25hrs in EOD Wednesday the OT column would show 1 hour). On the report you will adjust the date to fall within the anywhere within the desired payroll period. If the period is not full elapsed you will not have the ability to lock down billing/payroll. If the period is fully elapsed you'll get the full 14day detail for all location users with controls to lock down their time sheets and prevent any adjustments on the time sheet or patient billing via documentation. The report will let you select users individually or bulk. Finally, any locks can be added and removed very simply as long as you have access to the report.